Through the generosity of others, we accept donated musical instruments and gift them on to those who otherwise would never have the opportunity to explore their beauty. Borrowed Notes works closely with other Charities, Not-for-Profit Organisations and NGO’s when identifying new homes for our instruments, and with the help of volunteers provide the children with the tuition/knowledge required to begin their musical journey. While the tuition we are able to provide is basic it is the foundation which will allow the child to explore their instrument and their creativity.

We believe that in 1 in 5 homes in the western world there lies an unwanted/unused musical instrument from penny whistles to pianos. These instruments were made to be heard and by donating them they may again breath life into the lives of others.

Borrowed Notes is a Not-for Profit organisation and we rely on the support, advise, ideas and generosity of others in the pursuit of our goals. Please look at our Donate/Participate page to see how you can get involved. 

There are literally millions of impoverished children on our planet and whilst others will focus on nourishing their bodies Borrowed Notes will enrich their souls.